Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The First of Many

Well...I guess going on a diet the same week I decided to start a baking blog wasn't the best idea. But hey! If I can't eat it, I may as well write about it. I have been considering blogging for a while now and inspired by this month's Real Simple "The Only Cake Story You'll Ever Need" I came up with a plan!

The Plan: by Easter start a baking blog and bake three mini cakes for both families. Cake 1 { pistachio cake with a lemon curd filling and vanilla buttercream frosting} Cake 2 {banana cake with a chocolate pudding filling and peanut butter frosting} Cake 3 {yellow cake with a strawberry jam filling and sweet cheese frosting} 

I can imagine what your thinking! New to baking?  Is she for real?  But hey, being  on a staycation for my spring break has left me plenty of time to do research. Anyway it will give me a reason to wear my new Anthropologie apron. I guess I didn't mention that shopping was my original mode of therapy:-)

Stay tuned for my Easter adventure...

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